Project funded under
the Socio-economic
Sciences and Humanities
How goods and food will be produced ?
What energy will be there ?
Where we will live and how we will move ?


Work packageDeliverable number and nameResponsability
1D 1Cities and land-use in post-carbon societiesMax-Plank-Institut for Plasmaphysics
2D 2Technologies and life-styles in post carbon societiesFraunhofer-ISI
3D 3Producing goods and services in post-carbon societiesArcelorMitall
4D 4.1Role of inertia forces, time lags for changes and ruptures,
actors behaviors, driving forces, in the transition process
Laboratorio di Scienze della Cittadinanza
D 4.2Theoretical background of risk, complexity uncertainty
and governance, Risk Governance modeling and Cost-effectiveness analysis
Turku School of Economics
D 4.3Empirical investigation on Young People's Human Capital
and Social Capital in a Post Carbon Social Life
University of Padua
5D 5Modelling post-carbon worldLEPII
6D 6ScenariosEnerdata