Project funded under
the Socio-economic
Sciences and Humanities
How goods and food will be produced ?
What energy will be there ?
Where we will live and how we will move ?


The date of draft delivery is 2 to 4 months before the date of final delivery :

Work packageDeliverable number and nameResponsabilityMonth of final deliveryDelivered
1D 1.1Aligning urban schemes with decarbonised transport and energy systemsIPPFebruary 2010Yes
D 1.2Aligning land use patterns with decarbonised transport and energy systems : the case of EuropeISIFebruary 2010Yes
D 1Cities and land-use in post-carbon societiesIPPMay 2010Yes
2D 2.1Technology description of current technologies in the housing, transport and energy systemISIFebruary 2010Yes
D 2.2Pathways and material requirements of new technologies to reach a decarbonised societyISIFebruary 2010Yes
D 2.3Living in post-carbon societies : a series of storiesEnerdataFebruary 2010Yes
D 2Technologies and life-styles in post carbon societiesISIMay 2010Yes
3 D 3Producing goods and services in post-carbon societiesArcelorMitallMay 2010Yes
4D 4.1.1Analysis project designLSCFebruary 2009Yes
D 4.1.2Role of inertia forces, time lags for changes and ruptures, actors behaviors, driving forces, in the transition processLSCFebruary 2010Yes
D 4.2Theoretical background of risk, complexity uncertainty and governance, Risk Governance modeling and Cost-effectiveness analysisTSEFebruary 2010Yes
D 4.3.1Report on theoretical and methodological design with results of quantitative analysisUPFebruary 2010Yes
D 4.1Inputs for VLEEM and POLES models coming from the previous analysisLSCApril 2010No
D 4.3.2Empirical investigation on Young People's Human Capital and Social Capital in a Post Carbon Social LifeUPApril 2010Yes
D 4Transition towards post-carbon societiesLSCMay 2010No
5D 5.1Modifications brought to the VLEEM code and related Excel filesEnerdataJune 2010No
D 5.2Modifications brought to the POLES codeLEPIIJune 2010No
D 5.3VLEEM-POLES couplingEnerdataOctober 2010No
D 5Modelling post-carbon worldLEPIIDecember 2010Yes
6D 6.1Post-carbon scenarios storylinesEnerdataDecember 2010No
D 6.2Quantification of the scenarios with VLEEM and POLESEnerdataJuly 2011No
D 6ScenariosEnerdataAugust 2011Yes
7D 7.1Database on actors, stake-holders and scientific counterparts for communication purposesLSCApril 2009Yes
D 7.2Project Web-siteEnerdataApril 2009Yes